Marine Support

Marine Support

We are your marine support specialists, and have both piston and turbine helicopters equipped with skid-mounted pop out floats available for over water operations.

Our specialist marine support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lighthouse inspections
  • Coastline monitoring
  • Remote island passenger transfers
  • Boat & ship transfers
  • Overwater sling loading
  • Cargo transfer

What Our Clients Say:

“MV Mechtilda  is an E88 Horizon superyacht that has completed numerous and extended trips into the Kimberley over the past few years . We have used KAS Helicopters exclusively for our crew changes and guests transfers along with supplying ships stores and parts that we require whilst on our voyages.
KAS  supply an outstanding service of sourcing and purchase of ship stores, their staff and crew look after our guests and the KAS pilots are very professional and add the wow factor for our guests adding a scenic flight when transferring them to and from our boat. The 24/7 support KAS supply gives us  confidence in our  planning  and the  overall success of  our expeditions especially working in such remote areas “nothing’s too hard for KAS”.
Hans Versteeg, Captain, MV Mechtilda
“Super Yachts Perth has always used KAS Helicopters when cruising through the Kimberley region and they never fail to impress us. KAS pilots and crew are professional, reliable and have an extensive knowledge of the Kimberley’s so it is a perfect fit for us  to use them for all our guest and crew transfers , as well as store deliveries to some of the most remote parts of the region.
With most of guests visiting the Kimberley’s for the first time, KAS Helicopters have been able to add to their once-in-a-lifetime experience by taking them on scenic flights through some of the most beautiful landscapes, adventurous heli fishing to catch the elusive Barramundi fish and the opportunity to see and learn about the many treasured Native art works throughout the Kimberley’s. I would highly recommend using KAS helicopters to anyone visiting the Kimberley region.”
Luke Tompsett, Captain and Yacht Manager, Motor Yacht Paradise and Super Yachts Perth

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